Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coventry Iron Calling?

Well, hello all. If you recall from the last post, I kiddingly posed the absurd notion of contacting Keith Martin of Sports Car Market magazine to encourage the ‘Collectability Rating’ of the 1967 TR4A to be raised. Well, I kinda did that but not really.

What I did do was submit pictures and a short description of this beautiful TR4A to Keith Martin’s TV program, What’s My Car Worth to be appraised. Their response: “Keith was quite impressed with it, he really enjoyed seeing the photos.” Although probably part of a form letter, this was good news.

The better news was that they chose the car to appear in the Mailbag section of Episode 309, Detroit Iron Calling that aired on November 9, 2011.

Although the Collectability Rating was still a ‘C’, Mr. Martin praised the quality of the restoration describing the car as ‘extraordinary’ and ‘better-than-new’ and finished the appraisal with, “your car is special; if you were to sell it I’d ask $35,000 and I’d hold firm.” A great sign of where the market is getting up to on these, huh? And a story that we’ll revisit later.

A somewhat crappy picture from the TV
Stay tuned for more restoration blog posts…

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