Sunday, June 6, 2010

Work is the Curse of the Leisure Class

Hi all. It's been too long since I've posted updates on this restoration and if wasn't for my darn job, the car would be completed and this blog would only serve as historical reference.

In real-time, the car is looking good with its new paint and interior. It's been started, but runs rough and it's real hard finding a new or reconditioned windshield wiper motor - ya know anyone who's got one? The last few items to wrap up are: wiring, windshield glass, top, alignment, recondition the grille, tune the carbs, door windows, and a number of other little things.

In blog-time, the restoration is approaching the apex of the teardown phase and approximately coincides with mid-April 2009. As I am hoping for a short lapse in my workload, I expect to crank out some posts here to get everyone closer to events as they occur.

Stay tuned...

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